Welcome to our blog!

The idea for Bucktown Revival originated from our documentation of all the projects we took on when we bought a real fixer upper in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago.


We started taking pictures and notes of all the things we were doing for our own records, but we also wanted to share with friends and family. Eventually, we decided that we should really embrace the social side of social media and share with the community.

We plan to share the things we have done, we are doing, and we want to do. We want to share them with people we know and people we don’t, with people in Chicago and those outside of it, with people who care a lot about home renovations and people who are just exploring it, with people who have been around the block (or lived on quite a few blocks) as well as first time (and prospective) homeowners and home buyers, with people who love old homes and nostalgia and with people who love the latest and greatest.

We’re glad you stopped by and we hope to always provide you with something positive. It will always be our goal to be interesting, informative, entertaining, amusing, or funny – and hopefully it is all of the above.

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to reach out here!