We thought it might be a good idea to start posting consistent weekly updates of what we’ve accomplished. Our weekends have been extremely productive lately, but sometimes the results aren’t always pretty. Our efforts don’t necessarily result in something that is “post-worthy” on its own, but they do result in something real.

Many of our projects lately have created, at best, a mess, and sometimes a completely new project. Honestly, sometimes we look around and feel like no progress has been made and that feeling hit hard this weekend. Luckily, Sterling was able to shed some perspective on the situation and remind us both that only a few short months ago, we were freezing our butts off, sleeping on the couch, with pillows stacked in the windows to keep ourselves warm while our heat was being installed.

WARNING: the photo you are about to see is extremely embarrassing:


Thinking about this moment really helped us realize just how far we’ve come.


Even when looking at this photo, we see more projects: stripping paint, painting the baseboards and windows, filling that space with a piece of furniture, lamp, and/or plants. The list goes on. But when we really take a step back (or a scroll up), we almost can’t even believe this is the same room. And that is a really great feeling.

As for this weekend, although a mess was created, we made a TON of progress, all while being able to do things that we enjoyed.

Don’t worry, folks…although we helped my brother move into his college apartment, we were still able to make our weekly trips to Home Depot and Lowes to pick up the necessary supplies to make more progress on stripping the archway.


And we we’re able to sneak an extremely stealthy selfie (of us looking great) while in line at Home Depot.


Stripping the paint in this house is a whole post (or three) all on its own, so we will come back to that at a later date.

In between manual labor jobs this weekend, we stopped by Scooter’s Frozen Custard in Lakeview, where we watched puppies devour their puppy cones and took the scenic route to Hoosier Mama Pie Company to get some of Sterling’s favorite rhubarb pie.



We took some photos to add to our “front door inspiration” folder along the way.


We also started choosing which art we want to hang in the office. We’ve put a ton of work into this room and now it is so close to completion. You might have seen a photo of this room on Instagram recently, looking very nice and tidy. Well, this is what it looks like now. Hopefully this photo sheds some light on why we feel that progress is sometimes one step forward, two steps back.


Although we created a few messes along the way, overall, this weekend was a great mix of doing things that we wanted to do & needed to do. Fingers crossed we can keep that streak going!

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