When someone walks into a room, they never think to themselves, “I really wish this room had less storage space.” Older homes, such as ours, are notorious for having extremely small rooms. Bathrooms included. This limitation makes choosing the pieces to fill this space extremely tricky. On the one hand, you want to take full advantage of your storage space, but on the other hand, you don’t want the room to feel too cramped. So, how do you compromise? How do you maximize storage while also maintaining that airy feel?

The solutions we came up with were: 1. a partially enclosed vanity and 2. the largest medicine cabinet we could find.

We were lucky enough to find this pharmacy-style medicine cabinet at the Restoration Hardware outlet in Dayton, OH. We felt that it fit the look we were going for – trying to modernize an old space while preserving some of the original character. Not to mention, this thing is HUGE.


Finding a medicine cabinet with a mirrored inside was very important to us. Having lived in rental units both with and without this luxury, we knew what a positive impact this small detail could have on day-to-day activities.


Fortunately, the rental unit has a built-in storage closet directly across from the bathroom. Our unit, however, was not afforded that luxury, so when it comes to redoing our bathroom, we will have to get even more creative. This offered us the opportunity to compromise a bit with the vanity.

In an ideal world, we would have chosen a pedestal or console sink (SWOON) like the following examples because we felt these styles were the most period-correct. Given that the unit isn’t overflowing with additional storage elsewhere, we thought it would be unfair to future tenants to deprive them of the storage necessary to maintain an organized bathroom.

Once we found that deal-of-a medicine cabinet at the RH outlet, we decided to stick with the pharmacy theme for the vanity. We scoured the internet for hours on end and eventually found this one. This vanity is available in a fully-enclosed version as well. Ultimately, we chose the version with both open and enclosed shelving so tenants would be able to take advantage of storage space without having a vanity that was too bulky.

This vanity did everything we needed:

  • Presented an appropriate amount of storage
  • Didn’t make the small space feel too overcrowded
  • Jived with the medicine cabinet almost flawlessly
  • BONUS: it featured a single hole sink which fit the matte black faucet we had our eyes on perfectly


Making it the perfect fit for that tiny bathroom!


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